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Fine art, superpowered by robotics

Upscale your collection with hyper-precise robotic Aurographs by leading artists. We capture the tiniest details - layering, texture, color mixing, brushstrokes - and recreate them exactly as the artist intended, with no discernable difference to painting by hand. Enjoy all the splendor of the original works at a fraction of the cost.


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"Contrary to Walter Benjamin’s prediction, made in the 1930s, that mechanical reproduction would drain the work of art of its aura, the circulated image has not stolen the aura from the original; it has borrowed and reinvested it. Today, the works of the greatest value, both in monetary terms and in auratic density, are precisely those images most reproduced"

Bruce Mau, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"

We won't miss you


Because extraordinary art deserves to be widely enjoyed

Art lives when it's seen in its intended form, not locked away in private collections or printed in flat facsimiles that just can't measure up.


Because prints are boring

Studies show that your brain lights up when you look at painted art — your motor neurons work to imagine how the artist performed each stroke. Why lose out on texture, pigment, pressure and lustre?


Because books, songs and movies aren't copied by hand

Imagine if the only way to enjoy your favorite music was to either a) buy the original recordings for millions of dollars or b) get a poor copy with degraded sounds. That's the current state of the art market. Can't we do better?


Rosca producing an Aurograph by Ali Sabet

Macroscopically identical,

microscopically unique

Introducing the Aurograph

The Rosca Aurograph is the result of years of groundbreaking R&D by our technical team. We’ve figured out how to capture an artist’s unique style — the way they layer, mix colours, apply pressure — and teach our robots to do the same.

This represents not just a jump, but a quantum leap forward from a flat, pixel-based photo print: for the first time, we’re able to capture and replicate the aura of an art piece and produce painted, textured, hyper-precise replicas at scale.

Regular art print:


Layers & depth

Aurographs have thousands of strokes each — many more than are visible to the naked eye, but which contribute to the depth and three-dimensionality of the final result.

Richness of pigments

Quality paint pigments can't be mimicked by ink colours. No two strokes — and no two replicas — are perfectly identical.


World class engineers

Our technical team was trained at the world's top universities in fields like control systems, mechatronics design, computer vision, neural networks, lean manufacturing and industrial automation. We've spent three years iterating on a cutting-edge technical stack pushing the boundaries of robotics and machine learning, and we have ambitious plans to make it even better.

Art industry titans

Our advisory board includes some of the most respected names in the fine art world. Public reveal coming 2024.

Designed by and for artists

We're more than just a robotics company - we're an art company propelled by leading engineering minds. Every feature is designed in collaboration with professional working artists and thoroughly tested by our community before release.

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