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You design. Robots paint.

Rosca Studio is working with a limited number of artists to release our inaugural collections of Aurographs. Be among the first to see your creations realized by our hyper-precise robots, sell out buzzy limited-edition drops, and join our growing community of art world innovators.

Limited spots available

Create in a new medium

Pioneer a new form of creation

Our software allows you to precisely define strokes - including brush, color, pressure, length, and more - and create Aurographs with nearly the same freedom as painting by hand. Where we go from here, and how our tools can be used to their full potential, is in your hands.

Unlock new artistic possibilities with AI

Combine classical art techniques with programmable flourishes that allow you to create in ways that would otherwise be impractical, difficult, or prohibitively expensive. Tap into the power of our proprietary AI engine (trained on our own data, not stolen from other artists) to create bolder artworks, faster.

Limited spots available

Grow your business

Sell out collectable limited edition drops

Our public-facing Rosca collaborations sell out quickly with collectors, at a price point significantly higher than flat prints. We issue certificates of authenticity for every Aurograph and keep your IP safe to ensure no one can replicate your creations. Recreate your most popular works in our software - or get one of our specialists to do it for you.

Sell to businesses around the world - at scale

Opt into our private marketplace and we'll sell your pieces discreetly and profitably to hotels, property developers, public spaces, and other vetted clients seeking real painted works. Set your own pricing and approve all requests before purchase. Sell under your name for more exposure or sell anonymously to protect your brand.

Go viral on social media

We provide our partner artists with beautiful, professional videos and stills of their artworks being made by robots - fascinating, share-worthy and perfect to grow your audience. Posts of our content have gone viral with millions of views each on Instagram, Tiktok and others.

Limited spots available

Automate production

Design once, print whenever you need

Recreate your most popular works in our software - or get one of our specialists to do it for you. Easily customize your designs for each buyer (say, by changing the color scheme or canvas size) without having to repaint the same piece by hand. Sell theoretically unlimited quantities of the highest quality paintings with no extra effort.

Create 100x faster

The world's top-selling artists have entire studios of assistants doing the grunt work while they focus on the finishing strokes. Our robots do the difficult, repetitive, and time-consuming work, freeing you up to focus on design, refinement and experimentation. No need to order in bulk upfront - we can print any amount on demand and scale up as you sell.

Limited spots available
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